Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wild Adventure At Gemastik 4 – 2011

Dear readers,

After my exhausting but pleasant and fantastic period, dealing with such master degree proposal, let me spend my time to tell you my experience in Gemastik 4 through this amazing cyber world.

I only one of the Gadjah Mada University – gemastik team squad members. The other
members are our friends in the second year, third year, fourth year and fifth year.
It's an honor for me to lead two brilliant partners in the Data Mining Team, they
are the MSP and the leader of mapres (mahasiswa berprestasi, whatever we call it
in english, I don't care), They are Risqi and (mas) Nasikun. They have enormous
experiences related to competition, public related activities and so on. Moreover,
the thing they've done that I wouldn't forget easily is, the name they gave to our data mining group, Toro Kun. They must pay for that (lmao). The other members of our squad are Theo, Anto, Trias, Ema, and Mona.

Our massive and long struggle starts from, I forgot the date but it's just several
days before the elimination – paper submission deadline (don't try this at home),
the day when I was conducting KKN, a kind of society dedication program. We worked
parallelly. That time I even don't know much about data mining. The easiest way
to deal with such condition is our big search engine Google. The resource we found
told us that we must do such data pre-processing (attribute selection, removing
outliers, replacing missing values), discretization and the last and the main job
of data mining to gain knowledge and do a prediction, what we call classification.
Then I proposed a method to deal with the problem given to the competitor, which
is similar from the method we found while surfing the internet. After that, Mr.Q
gave some better options and opinions which cut the naive method I proposed, of course it's a more brilliant and reasonable method. What we did when the time was very limited, of course using our naive human instinct. Pick the most reasonable one, write the report and submit it to the committee.

Yes, after several moment, out of the blue, the finalist announcement shocked us
by carrying the fact that we pass the final. Well It meant that our struggle must
not stop in elimination stage. They gave us about two weeks to correct out paper
without changing the method. As the commitee told us, we spent our time to make our
paper more beautiful.

It came to the moment when we must send our beautiful repaired paper to the commitee.
It is almost unsent as we just realized that the deadline was at 16:00 o'clock
when it was at 15:00 o'clock that day.

Let's skip some days and go to the time of the final.
We departed from Jogja to Surabaya in October 10th 2011 at 14:00 pm. That was an
amazing travel, as the genset of the train got down in the middle of our
journey. We're still luck that only the air conditioner and secondary purpose
electricity that was off. After the genset had repaired, the staff apologized to
all of the passengers.

After a welcoming dinner at, I forgot the place, we lodged at Mrs.E's house in
the first day, and was planned to do so for the last day. We arrived at night
and went to STIESIA for check in, as it was the place prepared for finalists

Briefing and welcome party those were the agenda for the first day. The data
mining finalists must do a lottery to determine the order for the presentation.
Our pleasure to have number 7.

How's the battle? Let me tell you in "Wild Adventure At Gemastik 4 – 2011 part

Thank you very much. See ya.

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