Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bandung Internship Adventure

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Dear readers,

Before I go so far I would like you to guess what kind of tool I use to write this post.
Microsoft Word? No. Libre office Writer? No. Google docs? No. Well, this is eclipse for PHP development. I found it hard to write a post in word processor as I faced some troble in the text formatting. It messed up when I copy-paste it from the word processor.

Friends, my gratitude to Allah SWT as I could have my internship in PT. Telkom Bandung which located in Japati. Not only internship I am finding it nice here, but also a warm welcome from my ex-classmates at senior high school. Friends, you're still, amazing.

In this post I would like tell you, in general, about two worthful experience that I gained here. The first may be a "request" as I have to write down any experience in knowledge sharing activity, the one who share the same sponsorship as me may know what I meant. The second is about life.

It's nice to have internship in PT. Telkom at Japati, Bandung. The professional working atmosphere and friendly workmates are some of the best thing. Then, what are me and my friends doing here? A prototype of enterprise level software project must be delivered. Here I've learnt that the design phase and requirement phase are really important step in software development, especially when we deal with a big scale project..

The second is about gratitude. Friends, I must tell you that we are in a privileged condition. I don't know how to tell this, but, please think deeply when you face our brothers and sisters on the street who are not as lucky as us. You know, when I have a little reunion with my ex-classmates few days ago, I found a man with a very poor condition, not only economically, but also physically. I just can bless a big gratitude for my condition right now after looking such that condition myself.

Thank you for reading.

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