Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Internship at PT. Telkom

Dear readers,

Still in my internship at PT.Telkom, now i would like to tell you a bit about what we are doing here. We are building such a reporting system prototype, large scale reporting system. Let me share a tips for drawing a use case diagram.

You may think that what's the point with creating use case diagram? Just add an actor symbol and connect use cases to the actor, based on what the actor can do in the system.

You got the point there, but please note. Use case is not only about what the user can do. I don't know if it is correct theoritically or not but you better think about the readibility and how that use case can represent the business process of the system.
That is the workflow. Now I want to show you a "bad" use case and a "good" use case.

Instead of drawing a use case just like the "bad" use case example, you can draw the use case better just like the "good" example. The "good" use case can describe how the process flowing from creating a report through the final step, final decision from executive general manager if the escalation happened.

That's all fot the tips. Thanks for reading.

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