Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey Sir, You Can Install An Application Program, Can't You?

Good evening everybody

Glad to find my time and my mood to write a post again. My activities led me to face difficulties to see this blog dashboard for a long time. I am glad to be able to see this "create post" page. Thank you Blogger team, it is a better dashboard page now.

In this post I would like to tell you my experience when I was in taxi to get to the bus station in my way going back to my hometown. I hope this experience was given to teach us to be grateful for what God has given.

After a very exhausting day in campus, in a lazy afternoon, I had to go back to my hometown. The fastest and easiest way to get to the station (but rather expensive of course) is calling a taxi. Great, I ordered one.

When I was on the way I had a conversation with the taxi driver. This is the conversation, approximately, as long as I remember:

driver: "So you are going to the station. Where are you going to go?"
me: "my hometown"
driver: "Holiday?"
me: "not really, a break before final test."
driver: "well you are a student. what semester are you now?"
me: "second"
driver: "wow you are a freshmen, aren't you?"
me: "not really for bachelor degree sir, i already graduated. i am continuing my study in post graduate right now."
driver: "good job, where do you study?"
me: "electrical engineering"

A quite long pause, and the conversation started again.

Suddenly, a hard question...

driver: "so, in your level right now, what kind of electrical engineering ability that you can do?"
me: (Oh my God I don't focus on electrical engineer, my focus is information technology, moreover, I am weak at IT skill) "actually I am taking information technology focus sir, so if you ask me about electricity, power, then I will answer nothing." (lol)
driver: "well, ok, information technology. so what is it about? is it a..."
me: "umm, you know,, website.." (you know what, I didn't bear to say about intelligent system, expert system, induction, and so on, so the common technology may help this time i think)
driver: "well, about your your ability, you can... install an application program, can't you?"
me: "well, hahaha, yes" (i am thinking about clicking "next" button many times to install an app on windows or sudo apt install command on Debian based linux. Oh my God)

After that, I don't expect he said this to me..

driver: "I'm glad to see students. I'm glad to see educated people. I'm old right now, but, you know, I still have a dream to study at university. But, how can I be a student if reading a newspaper makes me sleepy?"

That was a difficult statement to be replied. I didn't know how to entertain him. I just could say a short statement to encourage him.

me: "you can if you want to strive for it sir"

This is a subset of reality in our country, and another countries maybe. This experience teaches me that someone with opportunity for high degree education should thank God, work hard, and should not waste this chance in order to help more people by real contribution.

My apology, let me relate this to religious way of life, it is no use for us to act and to dress like a strict believer when our contribution to society is null.

Thank you. My apology for any mistakes made in this post.

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